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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  May 12, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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yesterday we were in the 50's. we will come back and take a look at the seven-day forecast and see what is on tap for preakness weekend. we say good morning to sarah. >> a disabled vehicle at the fort mchenry. southbound 95 in the right lane is blocked. watch for that. the tone avenue, there is a closure because of police activity -- daytona avenue. keep your speeds down. 11 minutes on southbound 95 from the beltway down to 32. west side checking in at 11 minutes. let's give you a live look at traffic. we have a disabled vehicle clearing. 95 in the southbound direction near elkton, we are checking on an accident.
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we will let you know once we have more information. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> police continue their investigation into the murder of a pregnant woman. >> it turns out and out dated paper work system is most likely responsible for keeping the suspect out of jail. jennifer franciotti is live with the details. >> andrew jackson is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, betsy riggin. we're now finding out more reasons. jackson has a long rap sheet. he is on a statewide watch list for violent offenders. he met with his parole officer betsy riggin the betsy was found dead. he had an auto theft charge. the signed a warrant request
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took a week to get by now. it then sat in the wrong no mailbox until four days after the murder. >> we are talking to the courts about how to we can do this better. >> administrators say they are moving towards an electronic system. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have breaking news out of libya. a plane crash landed at the airport in tripoli. there was only one survivor. no word on what caused the crash. we will have more details as they become available. one person is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after reportedly attacking a neighbor's dog with a machete.
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the dog suffered wounds to the cheek and right eye. the images were too too graphic to be shown on television. police say charges are pending against the attacker. >> a woman is recovering this morning after flames ripped through a row home. this was on washington street. the woman was taken to johns hopkins to be treated for smoke inhalation. it is not clear what caused the fire. police are investigating a suspicious death in the reservoir hill neighborhood. this was on chauncey avenue. the investigation is ongoing. >> the chesapeake bay settlement is calling a lawsuit a real game
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changer. they are beginning bay cleanup efforts. the epa will require states to finalize restoration plans by november of next year. what that will mean more blue crabs, more oysters, and less concerned about people who swim in the bay. >> this comes a day before the epa announces strategy's mandated by president obama. >> some neighborhoods in baltimore city basic a huge weight problem. baltimore ranks eighth in the fattest cities in america. the mayor said it is time for a change and appointed a new food czar. we are introduced to the woman who hopes to make charm city more nutritious. >> we increase the access to
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fruits and vegetables. >> that is holly freishtat, the new food policy director. she held a similar position in seattle and is now returning back to her roots to get city residents to eat healthier. >> we are a nation of an abundance of food. it is a disgrace to see people who are not healthy. we see it as a food issue. correct sheet will be working with the health department -- she will be working with the health department to create a virtual supermarket and making it easier for farmers markets to accept food stamps. the mayor hopes the new effort will give residents in so-called food deserts' better options. >> when you are limited to fast
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food and not fresh food, it is easy to say you like what you like because that is what is available. i will make sure we have more healthy options. >> i think it is a fantastic start. >> some work closely with residents who are having a tough time changing their diets and feels a food store is just what we need. my clients areou intimidated. >> she will act as a consultant for the city. she says a healthy food campaign will be launched in coming weeks. some people are pulling out of
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the port of baltimore. that means 116 will be out of a job. legg mason announced plans to slash 250 jobs. they will be taking their business to philadelphia. the decision was made last month. >> some controversy over a home dna kit that goes on sale this friday. walgreen's will reportedly begin to sell the kids. you take a sample of saliva and send it to the company. are you any greater risk for breast cancer, diabetes, or will you pass anything along to your children? >> i want to be knowledgeable. >> and they could say, maybe i shouldn't have children, or i am going to die and a young age. >> the test company does say
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results are not intended to change our lives, but to inform people of possible that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. risks. would you purchase an over-the- counter dna test that claims to inform you of your potential risk for certain serious diseases? e-mail your response to >> that is an interesting question. 54 degrees. >> the mother of the uva athlete accused of killing his former girlfriend speaks out for the first time. >> an entire house in canada was swallowed by a sinkhole. >> this is a live look at traffic this morning. what roads. slow down. -- wet roads. -- wet roads.
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>> welcome back. 11 minutes after 5:00 p.m. things are pretty quiet in this city right now. 56 degrees downtown. it is a warmer than yesterday. we can see the rain over and county.and counn we do have some more coming in later today. this will not be a steady rain situation. maybe a thunderstorm with a high temperature near 72. we will come back and take a look at the seven-day forecast. >> the mother of george huguely called love a sweet, wonderful young woman with a limitless future. marta murphy made the statement yesterday. this is her first comments since news of the attack broke.
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the president of uva and bob mcdonnell met to discuss better communication. >> britain has a new leader this morning. gordon brown formally resigned yesterday. queen elizabeth ask david cameron to create a new government. he will be britain's youngest prime minister. a home was swallowed by a sinkhole. this was in canada. crews searched the rubble and located the entire family in the basement where they believed there watching a hockey game. the family dog was found tied up outside the home. >> incredible. 5:12. uncle sam is looking to get by with less. the change they want to make to collins which they believe is making sense.
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>> some choosing to go green in the afterlife. >> traveling in '95, we have an accident. accident. we have
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sure. cake or pie? pie. apple or cherry? cherry. oil or cream? oil or cream? cream! (announcer) some use hydrogenated oil.
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reddi wip uses real dairy cream. nothing's more real than reddi wip. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> i know you went through a patch of rain. >> there were some heavy downpours coming in this morning. keep your speeds down as much as possible. this is police activity closure along daytona avenue. watch for that blockage. the speed sensor is indicating a
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sluggish spot on the northwest corner, right around reisterstown road. speeds are slower this morning. 12 minutes on the inner loop. 11 minutes to get you from top to bottom on the outer loop west side. moving well despite the fact it is wet outside. let's look at the fort mchenry. there was a disabled vehicle that is now clear. everything moving smoothly. no problems to report at the harbor tunnel. things are moving better in elkton. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. let's check on the buses and trains. >> we are looking pretty good on the buses right now. the rain is not slowing the buses. the 51 bus is diverting at monroe and perharatt.
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the rales are looking good this morning. no delays on the penn, camden, and brunswick lines at this hour. now back to tony pann. >> thank you. good morning. things have quieted down around baltimore city. most of the rain is over on the eastern shore counties. around centreville, you might see some rain. it is moving quickly to the east. most will be offshore within the next 20 minutes. nothing going on in baltimore right now. it will stay that way for awhile. we expect more developments later on today. we can see some big thunderstorms moving across the mississippi valley and into portions of illinois. it is a complex storm system in the northeast part of the city. a warm front went through a couple of hours ago.
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the wind has shifted to the south. we will jump to the 70's. these air masses will contain by along these boundaries for the next several days. off and on chances for rain will be with us through friday. it will be warmer. 57 in catonsville. 56 in rock hall. we should be able to make it into the 60's today. a mixture of clouds and sunshine. some of these storms could be strong. we will keep an eye on that. high temperature of around 72 degrees. cloudy with a chance for some thunderstorms today. temperatures will drop into the 50's tonight. the wind will shift back to the northeast. the temperatures are going to drop. there will be waves along the
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front. the last one should come through on friday. scattered showers and thunderstorms today, tomorrow, and friday. 65 on thursday. 77 on friday. near 70 this weekend. partly cloudy skies on preakness saturday with a high temperature around 70. maybe a chance for rain again by tuesday of next week. >> every day we hear new ways to go green. we found a story showing how some residents are opting to go green in the afterlife. the coffins are made of recycled bark timbres.
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the coffins are buried in a nature conservancy. there are no headstones. sometimes you have to give a little to get a little. the treasury department is looking to tighten its wallet and use cheaper materials to mint coins. opposition from metal producers who are hoping to make money. it cost about two since to make a penny. and 10 cents to make a nickel. >> that does not make a lot of sense. gm may soon be able to offer car buyers some discounts. jane king joins us with the business news. good morning. >> hello. good morning. we are looking a slight bit positive for the start of things
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today. investors cannot seem to shake these doubts about the emergency loan plan one manager said u.s. taxpayers could be on the hook for at least $50 billion on that bailout. we did have a mixed close yesterday. most stocks did fall. the latest home price numbers for baltimore are out. existing home prices fell almost 4.5% compared to a year ago. the average price for an existing house in baltimore is just under $235,000. economists have been warning that home prices may continue to fall. general motors may be preparing for a comeback. they are thinking about returning to the auto and lending business. they sold gmac because they
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needed cash. sources say gm was an in-house -- they want an in house lending business by the end of next year. that would allow gm dealers to offer better deals. i'm jane king reporting for wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. if you do not have a facebook page, there is another incentive. it acts as a promotional basis for many companies. you can get freebies by hitting the like button. this is extending some much that there are people out there who spent time finding the latest offers. >> they have google alerts. i put in freebies. everyday they send me a list of the latest freebies and i go
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check them out. >> you can friend freebie gatherers who give you a list of offers. all of the terminology, i do not know what it means. i do not facebook. >> if you think you're talking on facebook -- >> it is not me. >> e-mail your response to would you purchase an over-the- counter dna test that claims to inform you of your potential risk for certain serious diseases? e-mail your response to
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>> baseball has slums and ruts,
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then you have your orioles. they open up a home stand with miserable baseball, losing to seattle 5-1. you have to applaud the fans that hung in there. david hernandez was the starter. he got into trouble in the fifth when this solo home run puts seattle up 1-0. bad feeling to go along with bad fielding in the six. a single. josh comes into its corporate ken griffey jr. scores. the only upside for dave trembley and the birds is the rest of the schedule in may. the orioles will not play another first-place team for the rest of the month. if they do not score, it does
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not matter. i hope your day is off to light fantastic start. >> today is a preakness frog hop. yesterday it was the junior ponies. dozens of kids got into the fun. it included games and fun and the race itself. look at them go. there she goes. it is a winner. i do not know her name. 5:27. coming up -- >> there is new information in the murder of three baltimore pregnant woman. details are next. " everyone has relationship problems, even the u.s. and afghanistan. how they're trying to iron out their differences. >> we have off and on rain showers until we hit the weekend.
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>> we are checking on continued closures in the city due to
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